Quickfile is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird which initially aimed to speed up filing of messages into your mail folder heirarchy but now includes features for navigation and folder creation.

It works by allowing you to type part of a folder name and offers you a list of folders which match what you have typed. Very similar to the history function of the URL bar in Firefox and MSIE, and Google Suggest.

It is an ongoing project which was started in response to a bounty offered by Mark Shuttleworth.

There is a mailing list available where users can discuss features and issues.

Quickfile is listed on here. Please file bugs and feature requests on Bugzilla here.

Current Stable Release

Quickfile, released 2006-11-30


Changes in 0.17.0.*, released 2006-11-21, updated 2006-11-30

Changes in 0.16 [never officially released]

Changes in 0.15, released 2005-04-27, updated 2006-01-16 for Thunderbird 1.5

Changes in 0.14, released 2004-12-05

Changes in 0.13, released 2004-11-06

Changes in 0.12, released 2004-11-05

Changes in 0.11, released 2004-11-03

Changes in 0.10, released 2004-10-28

Changes in 0.9, released 2004-10-26

The quickfile project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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